Pokemon - Bulbasaur

This week I shifted gears and picked up on another series, I have been wanting to add a new Pokemon to the series and I’m excited to introduce to you Bulbasaur LV. Hopefully, I will have more time later down the road to add other Pokemons - like Squirtle.

Stay tuned as I will be creating Prints of this piece.

It's Morphin' Time

On Sunday, at 3:30pm, I met up with the legendary Jason David Frank aka Power Ranger’s Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger, Lord Drakkon. What a great experience to fit the wearable sculpture that is customized just for him! Super cool, nice dude! He even did his famous Morph moves to pose with the sculpture. Check out the video below!


MF Stormtrooper

On May 6th I finished a stormtrooper inspired after the rap artist MF Doom that wears a villainous mask similar to Dr Doom a comic villain. 


MF Doom 

MF Doom 


the final images 

progress shots 


Late last night I wrapped up my third Louis Vuitton Inspired R2 unit. This was a commission where the client wanted a classic look that leveraged the color scheme of LV Luggage. This piece took about 60 plus hours to complete.


Louis Vuitton series

LV Stormtrooper Mickey

Today I put the finishing touches on my first LV inspired Stormtrooper embellished with Mickey Mouse eyes. 


L2V2 #2

Today I completed my second Louis Vuitton Inspired R2 unit using vintage Louis Vuitton luggage and other e-waste.